Perhaps my best advice EVER (& essential for having an incredible 2017) . . .

I know you haven’t heard from me in a while (and I’ll share more about the wonderful reasons why in a bit), so you can imagine that having me pop into your inbox after an extended silence, that I must have something to share.

And I do.

Now, most of you know that my Functional Medicine healing practice “Adventure Wellness” is ALL about living a bold and courageous life, including what it takes to be truly healthy in the 21st century (and the cutting edge tools to do just that).

Well, I’ve been spending a great deal of the last year, in addition to supporting clients, reflecting and receiving guidance on how to catalyze a bigger shift on the planet, to reach more people with the message, inspiration and instructions on how to live an inspired life ~ of great meaning and great well-being.

And as I was sitting in meditation yesterday morning, almost immediately upon sitting down, I received the message:

” If everyone could live just a little more BOLDLY, what a more peaceful & beautiful world this would be!”

Now, take that in . . .

“If everyone could live just a little more BOLDLY, what a more peaceful & beautiful world this would be!”


How does that create the world we want to live in?  What about being a little more kind, loving, etc?

Well, by definition, “boldness” is: “not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger or rebuff; courageous and daring”

And the definition of “courage” is: “the ability to do something that frightens one strength in the face of pain or grief”

And the “origins” or “courage” are:– Middle English (denoting the heart, as the seat of feelings)- from Old French corage, from Latin cor ‘heart’

So, you see, “courage” is from “the heart”!  It comes from desire, passion, emotion, love!  It doesn’t originate from fear, worry, anger, making someone else wrong in order to be right or have what we want.

Just the opposite!

And “courage” is not reserved for the folks who just have an innate boldness in them, or are naturally good (even great) at what they do, who have it easy, who are fearless, or who don’t have great challenges.

NO!  Courage/Boldness IS “the ability to do something that frightens one; strength in the face of pain or grief.”

Find that power, that energy, that determination in your HEART & it changes everything.

It’s 100x stronger than fear & leaves a wake of inspiration & permission for others to do the same.

It’s how all great artists and authors spend countless, penniless years (decades, or even lifetimes) dedicating themselves to great beauty and inspiration and leaving a legacy.  It’s how Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Jane Goodall, Jesus, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela have catalyzed massive change for the positive.  It’s how a young teenage single mom rallies to provide the best life possible for her child. It’s how the kid who’s picked on in school shows grace to the bully. It’s how Erik Weihenmayer, is not only the only blind man to have ever climbed Everest, but how he also created a program to lead others with disabilities to summit some of the highest peaks in the world!

“What’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.”– Erik Weihenmayer, No Barriers

It’s how people like you and I “feel the fear and do it anyway” because there’s something so alive in us, so essential, that we need to express or do it ~ because whether we realize it or not, the WORLD needs us to! 

For me, it took courage to:– leave home at 16 to be one of the first students to attend a then “experimental” high school (now one of the “Top 20” schools in the country)

– run off to South America at age 19 for 3 months (before cellphones, internet and email ~ i.e., NO contact with my family and friends except for an occasional piece of snail mail being ferried to me)

– become one of the very first female Blackhawk helicopter pilots ~ and the very first female to live/work with the all-male infantry near the DMZ of Korea, planning the 1-star General’s aviation operations (at age 24); and the very first (and only) woman to command Eagle Flight helicopter detachment in northern Iraq to support protection of the Kurdish people.

– to guide adventure trips around the world

– to live almost penniless and jobless through a debilitating illness during a 5-year “dark night of the soul”

– to choose to live and find healing so that my journey would serve as a light, an answer, for others

– to later face lyme disease, a head injury, and PTSD from a near-death experience ~ all in the same year!

– to quit my “perfectly good job” to start a business, to put myself out there . . .   to communicate ANY of this to you!

Was it always easy?

Did I want to quit?  Yes, often.

Did I scream and cry at times?  Yes, occasionally.

Did I have to surrender, humble myself and depend on grace and a power outside of myself?  Yes, always.

Did I eventually decide that it was more important and life-giving to “face the fear and do it anyway” than to shrink back in fear?  Yes. In all honesty, not always, but often. I’m still learning, too. 


Did it take “courage” for me to share this with you?  Absolutely. In truth, I’m an introvert and much prefer to live in my own little world where I not only won’t be seen, possibly judged, or prone to the nay-saying of others; but also safe from the responsibility that comes from being a powerful voice in the world, a leader, a change-maker. Yet, “my heart” has something to share.  Something that will bring “more beauty and peace to the world”.  Something it cares very much about.  Something it KNOWS is vital, essential to the personal and collective well-being of humanity and the planet. And as much as I’m often tempted to shy away from attention or anything interrupting my little world ~ I can’t deny my heart. I just can’t. The alternative is just not worth it.  For me.  For you. For even 1 person whom my “courage” may impact for the better. For all of “life”.

But I wasn’t willing to settle for anything less than the ultimate experience of this living, of MYSELF, & living in alignment with that truth in my heart.

And neither should you.

It takes great courage to be healthy, happy & aligned with your truth~ in the 21st century.

Will you be a troubadour for your heart? Your joy? Your freedom?

The world you want to see?

I promise you that when you *choose* to listen & follow that guidance within your own heart, you will not only be 1 step closer to your dreams, you’ll also be serving the rest of us by feeding courage, inspiration & permission into the collective.

If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for your neighbor, your child, your friend with cancer, the people who have never heard this message yet, the planet & her precious creatures who need us to be making more courageous & heart-centered choices.

Do it for me.

My challenge to you today:

  • Where do you need to show more courage in your life?
  • What are you making more important than your health, your well-being, your peace, your dreams, your freedom, your happiness?
  • What’s 1 thing you can do TODAY to make one (no matter how tiny) step in the direction of courage, of freedom?

My promise to you today:  

When you “live boldly”, it’s the natural next step to “live well” & “live free”.

And it does get easier. It’s just a muscle you need to exercise.  Each time you use it, it gets stronger.

Live boldly, live well, live FREE!

Yours in the adventure,

~ Ann

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P.P.S.  And as promised, within the coming week, I’ll be sharing more about why I’ve been quiet the last year.  And there’s a little special sumthin’ in it for you.  Stay tuned!   🙂